Sterilize your mail with steam sterilizer.


When sterilizing the mail we recommend you do a spore testing for each cycle. If the result from the spore testing will show a negative result, you can assume that if there was any Anthrax in the mail, it would be destroyed. You now can give out the mail to the proper recipients.

Steps which needs to be followed:

Put your mail in the chamber of the sterilizer. Divide the amount of mail equally between the two trays you have in the chamber. For example, in the 3870E sterilizer, you can put 15# of mail in each tray (this will amount to about 600 pieces of mail in total).
Insert a spore test (biological monitoring spore) in the chamber
When cycle is complete, take out the spore and incubate it for 48 hours (please note, that while you incubate the spore, you may run your next cycle to sterilize your next batch of mail).
When the results of the incubation show negative (color of tube liquid stays purple) your mail is safe.

Additional accessories which are recommended should you decide to choose our recommendation:

$275.00 - Incubator
$275.00 / 100 - Spore strips
$ 75.00 / 3 - Books to record the monitoring of the spore tests.
$ 50.56 / 4 - Scissors
$ 34.08 / 4 - Tweezers
$120.40 / 50 - Bags to put the mail into after cycle is complete
$128.26 - Scale to weight the mail before is be inserted into the sterilizer
$ 5.96 - Leveler, to make sure the sterilizer is leveled to the ground
$ 12.66 / 3pairs - Mittens, to be able to handle the trays of mail which are hot
$137.50 / 500 - Pouches to insert the scissors and tweezers into when sterilizing.
$ 46.00 / 500 - Latex gloves
$299.88 / 16 - Hepa Filter
$ 36.00 / 10 - Printer Roll
$174.00 / 3boxes - Sterilizer Cleaner
$448.00 - Water Distiller
$750.00 - Printer (will show every cycle the length of time the sterilize ran, date, time, temperature, and pressure).

Total kit cost $ 2868.21



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